Azai-N-Asher Catering A labor of LOVE...Good eats and Sweet treats!

How We Got Started

In 2007, my first child was born! This was both monumental and motivating compelling me to dream big. After all, I was now responsible for raising the next generation. My personal dreams of climbing the corporate latter changed to entrepreneurship. This would afford endless opportunities for my son. The question became WHAT exactly would that look like? My heartbeat has ALWAYS been serving underserved and underrepresented populations. My career continued in that direction as I navigated the non-for-profit sector, the federal government, higher education, and volunteerism to youth. However, no matter the stage or platform, I found myself interweaving Food into my profession. I have always been self-motivated and a high achiever, exceling in my career, but food had become my staple! From co-workers to corporate execs, to children and parents in my local community, I had become well known for providing “GOOD EATS AND SWEET TREATS”! I would consistently get requests for signature dishes for special occasions and just because. I entered and won food competitions hosted by my employers and continued to look for opportunities to share food with those I loved! Not only is my food a hit in the publics eye, my husband and sons daily enjoy home cooked meals fit for a king!

Fast forward to 2015, the year my second child was born, it became more evident that my love for food had the potential to grow from a hobby to a thriving family owned business! The need for additional income and a more flexible schedule was now REQUIRED! So, my goal was to establish a growing catering business and by the year 2016 provide exceptional food one holiday at a time, hoping that in five years my business would grow to serving major companies worldwide, starting in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

So to my motivation, my legacy, my sons Stephen AZAI and Taiden ASHER, this business is for you! You will remain mommy’s motivation and someday the torch will be passed to you to provide “GOOD EATS AND SWEET TREATS” to all that will oblige! For now, I will continue to cater and provide food for the soul that will leave our buyers wanting more…LOVE that is! Food is a way to show love!

En Love,

Monique J Jameison, Owner